• Advanced Skin Services

    All of our advanced skin services will require a consultation before procedure

    Skin Treatments


    Microhydrabrasion $70

    ( this exfoliating system contains Dimond encrusted tips to exfoliate the surface of the skin to remove unwanted impurities, The hydra system works simultaneously to cleanse deep into the pores and flush away with the vacuums system, leaving the skin deeply hydrated and refreshed)


    Skin Needling: $210

    (Collagen Induction Therapy also known as skin needling is a advanced skin treatment that creates microscopic wound channels in the skin to stimulate the body own would healing response, when this response is stimulated this allows for new growth of collagen and elastin which are the building blocks that maintain skins volume and laxity)


    Carbon Facial: $ 200

    ( China doll facial also known as a carbon facial consists of a carbon based product applied to the skin and removed with our ND.YAG Q-Switch Laser . The carbon peels rejuvenates, cleanses and exfoliates while targeting the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production, which in turn produces firmer, plumper skin, reduces fine lines & wrinkles while reducing sebum (oil) production, creating tighter glowing skin)


    BB Glow: $ 210


    ( With our nano needling technology, BB glow contains colour tinted pigment that is applied to the face to create a glow to the skin as if there was foundation on the skin, this is safe for the skin and is non comedogenic meaning it wont block the pores, we can also create a conturing/ blush effects using different coloured tints)


    Gold Peptide Infusion $280


    ( Our gold peptide infusion is a treatment designed for luxury, this process contains our nano needling technology to infuse a vile of the gold peptide serum straight into the dermis, the peptides are made from amino acids that help the skin make up certain proteins, this helps stimulate collagen to firm the skin)


    IPL & Laser Tattoo Removal:


    Our IPL System is suitable for treatments to remove unwanted vascular spots that arise as we age, pigmentation that won't seem to budge even though you practise sun safety for those stubborn hairs that never seem to go even after several waxing treatments and for our clients with acne that need some TLC or that tattoo that you thought was a good idea at the time but now want gone! Our machine does it all.


    Our pricing is designed on where and what we are treating packages are also Available for those clients who need some more loving in those stubborn areas.


    Pricing for IPL Skin treatments begin at $49

    Pricing for IPL Hair removal treatments being at $29

    Pricing For Tattoo Removal Treatments Begin at $49




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    $30 Consultation Fee is redeemable on first tretment

    The Consultation process is important as this gives our therapists a look into your skin and how our treatments can manage them to the best ability, during the consultation one of our therapist will perform a skin analysis to gather information into what treatment option may be best for you, questions are asked and answered to ensure you and your therapist are happy with the treatment course, This consultation takes 30 minuets to complete and once completed a patch test can be performed, and the treatment course can begin.

    ( ​the consultation fee is redeemable with first treatment purchase)